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About Us


David started working for La Madeleine in 1992 and spent 10 years there. While at La Madeline, he also worked part-time for Whole Foods for 9 years. He then moved on to Empire for 7 seven years. With all that experience, he opened a new bakery for Philomena’s Food Company. David’s creative ideas lead to Philomena’s selling stuffed breads to Neiman Marcus, quite a nice customer.

Owner David Cabrales

In March 2010, David decided to use his years of experience to open his own bakery. He named it Esmeralda’s French Bakery, in honor of his grandmother. He began testing his own recipes and found a location to bake his own bread. Little by little, Esmeralda’s started getting local customers. As word spread, more and more customers contacted him and became customers. Soon he started selling breads to some of the most popular restaurants in Dallas.

All of his bread is Artisan bread. Artisian Bread is a handcrafted products made by a skilled and knowledgeable baker using high quality ingredients. The bread has more flavor, better crust and a more complex texture. Everything is made by hand and most of the bread rises naturally. David’s passion is baking breads and it shows in his delicious recipes. Though he started the bakery as a one-man operation, in just a short time, Esmeralda’s now has more than 10 employees. There is a reason for the fast growth. David’s loves baking, has perfected his recipes over many years and his breads are consistently delicious.

Some of the restaurants serving Esmeralda’s breads are:
The Place at Perry’s
Perry’s Steak House 
Capitol Pub
The Porch
J Macklin’s Grill
Ino’s Pizza Tavern
Dee Lincolns
Libertine Bar
All Buzz Brews Restaurants
Prime Bar
One To One
New York Bagels 
City Café
Almas Restaurant
Tootie Pie
Tillman’s Road House
Wild Salsa 

David Cabrales is and Artisian Baker with many years of experience. Esmeralda's is a company founded on David's love of baking and it shows in all of his breads. Call us today to arrange for a tasting of our gourmet breads and to discuss your baking needs.

French Breads

Esmeralda's Bakery | 10836 Grissom Ln #107 Dallas TX 75229

(469) 463-6649  

Email: cabrales@esmeraldasbakery.com

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